Pay What's Fair

“For years we have been providing the people of Ohio with Financial solutions in their most desperate times.  We have provided short term and long term options for those with different needs, and now we are proud to say that we have found an alternative to the short term products for our clients.  It’s called the “Pay What’s Fair” personal loan.

Since this is a new product, the loan amount is starting out a little smaller.  Here’s how it works.  If you would like to borrow $100.00, the only thing we charge you is a $5.00 service fee, plus the 24.99% lenders annual “ARP” Anuual Percentage Rate. “That’s it”. That is all you pay unless you chose the option to “tip” us for this service we are providing.  Much like a waiter or waitress at a restaurant.  If you appreciate the service we are providing for you, add on an additional “tip” of whatever amount you choose.  It’s not mandatory that you do so, but we would greatly appreciate being rewarded for such a forward thinking product and the hopes of showing you that we are truly dedicated to provide you a service that is a low fee option, which helps you in your time of financial need.

As time goes on, we will measure the success of this program, the loan limits may go up on this exciting new product.  So make sure you come into one of our stores or visit and check out this loan, and all of the other products that TL Max has to offer.